The Topanga Community Center is a non-profit organization that works with the community to provide a meeting place for many organizations and functions. Since 1951 the House and grounds have continued to be a place for people to celebrate special events in their lives and the life of the community.

We are accustomed to hosting private parties, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, workshops, fundraisers, seminars, film shoots and parking rentals. If your event is a bit different or requires some unusual activity or equipment, please inform the rental agent in advance.

First, you will need to become a TCC member in order to rent any portion of the property. Then we need to know what kind of event you are hoping to host. Are you planning a small birthday party for fewer than 40 people or more? Please look at the different renting options below.

The Community House now offers Wireless Internet for meetings and conferences for our members convenience. Chairs and rectangular tables are available for use. There are approximately 200 chairs and 20 tables. Any rental equipment brought in from an outside source must be pre-approved.  All rental equipment and decorations must be removed by the end of the rental period.

The kitchen is included in the rental and includes the use of the refrigerator and freezer.  The oven generally entails additional fees due to our cost to maintain it. No cooking or serving utensils are available.

When catering is part of the event and when cooking is onsite, the catering company must provide the rental agent a certificate of insurance naming the TCC as additionally insured.  Deliveries of food or equipment must be scheduled with the rental agent and within your rental period. It is the responsibility of tenant to comply with all applicable laws and local ordinances. Our rental agent is familiar with local caterers and other vendors and can provide you information whenever requested.

How To Make A Reservation

Ever since the completion of Topanga’s Only Playground, the Community Center is happy to reserve picnic table space under the oak tree for birthday parties and friend and family gatherings, providing close access to the playground for young children and the availability of the ball field for games for all ages, much like many of our County’s public parks.

Because we are a private facility, we survive through memberships and depend upon grants and donations to improve our facilities. Our hope is to be able to continue to improve the picnic area by providing more tables and amenities.

Some things to consider:

  1. Picnic rentals are for 40 people and under only–if your event is for more people please contact the rental agent directly to arrange.
  2. We ask for an updated FAMILY MEMBERSHIP status to be able to use the self-serve picnic rental service.
  3. Picnic rentals under the oak tree are limited to 3 hours or less–if more time is needed please make a 2nd reservation.  Reservations options: 10:00am-1:00pm and 2:00pm-5:00pm on weekends.
  4. Equipment such as bouncy houses  is only allowed on the non-grassy area of the ballfield.  Delivery & pick up of bounce houses must be within 1 hour of your rental period.  All other equipment / rentals must be pre-approved.  No animals or petting zoo.
  5. Your picnic rental gives you access to the picnic tables and adjoining areas; the ballfield and playground remain open to the public.
  6. Please don’t use food trucks, catering or barbecues for this area and materials that litter such as water balloons, glitter, confetti, hay, etc. are forbidden.  Additional fees apply if such materials are used. In addition, please do not bring in dogs, glassware,  paint guns, ground stakes or water slides.
  7. Please do not staple, tack, nail, screw, velcro, scotch or duct tape to the stage, picnic tables or oak tree.  (only wire & string may be used). Your credit card is on file and will be charged for cleaning and damages.
  8. Please be respectful of our oak trees and their surrounding roots. Do not park underneath them.
  9. There is no driving on the field.  This includes the delivery of a bounce house.  The driver may not
    drive onto the field.  A fine of $100 applies.
  10. Please bring cleaning supplies for picnic tables and a broom to sweep if necessary.
  11. It is your responsibility to treat the picnic area with respect by removing your recycling. Bag and tie all garbage.  Your credit card is on file and will be charged for cleaning if needed at the TCC discretion.

If you hold a family membership at the Topanga Community Center, please fill out the form below to provide information on your desired event. Otherwise, please go to our membership page first to enroll in your Family Membership. If you are uncertain of your membership standing, do not hesitate to send an inquiry to Please review our online calendar or contact the rental agent for availability.

After you fill out our form you will be directed to a “Donations” page where you can make a donation of your choice, any amount $150 and above. We will contact you once we have verified your membership and the availability of your chosen date.  Donations are non-refundable.

Cancellations – You may change the date of reservation one time with in the calendar year.  Donations are non-refundable.  Rain does not cancel your picnic area reservation, should you choose to cancel another application and donation must be made.




The Topanga Community Center is a venue like no other. Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains halfway between the beach and the San Fernando Valley, it is the ideal secluded Topanga venue with mountain views.

Our exposed red brick building has a large stone fireplace, a stage, a green room and a beautiful kitchen. With its wooden beamed ceiling, wagon wheel chandelier, concrete floor and large windows overlooking the mountains, the TCC has been a favorite venue for couples interested in getting married.

We also have several lovely outdoor areas available for ceremonies that can be followed by an indoor reception.

We can accommodate all types of events, Bar Mitzvahs, birthdays, anniversaries, seminars, workshops, single day retreats, holiday parties, family reunions and all types of fundraisers.

Renting the Topanga Community Center involves communicating with the rental agent, Dayna Miller, about availability and rates.  Once your event is approved a rental contract will be issued and a 50% deposit is required to reserve the date.

If you wish to visit the Community House, please contact the rental agent to schedule an appointment. Please do not visit without an appointment as the premises may be in use.  

The Topanga Community Center is located in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains and has been a favorite location of film & production houses and motion picture studios. Whether you are filming a for television, a network series, commercial or a feature film we can accommodate your filming needs.
The TCC offers a filming venue as well as a base camp for filming in other areas of Topanga.  The TCC has a a 1200 sq ft building for crew meals, flat space for crew parking, parking areas for 5 & 10 ton equipment trucks, stale-bed trucks and other misc small trailers.       
The Toapnga Community Center is approximately 13+ acres of lush green trees, dirt roads, hiking trails, sports field, playground, water towers, garden, horseshoe pit, and a exposed brick building with cement floors.  
Please contact Dayna Miller, rental agent for more details on renting the Topanga Community Center for filming, base camp or both.
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