Connecting COVID-19 Vulnerable Populations for Groceries, Meals and More

Restaurant Survey

The TCC is conducting a survey of local restaurants. If your establishment is interested in helping low to moderate income residents, click the button below to learn more and fill out the form. Thank you for your support!

Meal Support

The Canyon Sages have been working with programs such as Meals on Wheels — hoping to get meals to those unable to cook who reside in the canyon. As you can imagine, these programs are experiencing delays due to the demand, but rather than wait some local heroes are stepping up to heed the call to action.

Lifelong Topangan and TCC member Kristina Rocco Levy has emerged as a hero for many in the canyon. Levy, whose family name is a canyon favorite, recognized the need for a home cooked meal. Rocco’s Cucina in Topanga has changed hands, but Rocco’s Cucina in Pacific Palisades is cranking out meals to go every day.

While we wait for the Meals on Wheels program to begin in the canyon, Levy and her team have coordinated with the TCC’s Canyon Sages to identify those who need it most, and is preparing meals 3 times a week for more than 30 seniors in need until the Meals on Wheels program is able to serve this population.

Levy does this out of the kindness of her heart, but if you can, please consider ordering a meal from Rocco’s Cucina (they deliver Monday-Saturday in the canyon from 5-6:30 at Pine Tree Circle and it’s always good to support our local businesses in a time like this) or donating for the cause to the Topanga Community Center and denote “meals” when making your donation, or send funds to Kristina Levy directly via venmo @Kristina-Levy.

Thank you for your support!

Helping Vulnerable Populations with Groceries,etc.

COVID-19 has changed the way we’ll be living for the immediate future and we want do do what we can to connect our most vulnerable canyon populations with neighbors who are willing to help them. The TCC and Canyon Sages are coordinating an effort to connect these parties. If you can help or you need help, please click the appropriate button below. We will do our best to match you with someone within 24 hours.

Thank you, together we will get through this!

COVID-19 Information Sources

We would like to remind everyone that the TCC is providing this as a community matching service in an earnest attempt to help our neighbors. Please exercise every possible precaution to help prevent the spread of this virus.

For more information and updates from reliable sources please visit the World Health Organization and, for more local updates, the LA County Department of Public Health.

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