The TCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, independently owned and maintained by the citizens of Topanga.

Topanga Community Garden

Grow With Us!

The TCC has invested in refreshing our existing garden space behind the TCC house. It’s an outdoor space where our members can safely work while social distancing.  Make sure to keep your membership up to date or become a member HERE.
We have 8 plots available to interested members who are willing to commit to upkeep for a minimum of one year. If you know this is for you, please submit your application starting HERE. If you don’t know that you can commit to maintaining a plot but would like to garden occasionally, please email us. If you’d like to learn more about this initiative, please read below!
TCC Community Garden-before BEFORE
TCC Community Garden-after AFTER


Where is the garden? 
Located adjacent to our LA Compost box, the garden is easily accessible by car and a short walk from the lower parking lot behind the TCC House. 
How many plots are there, and how big are the plots? 
There are 8 plots an each plot is approximately 8’x5’ 
Will birds and squirrels eat all my plants and veggies? 
We cannot guarantee that the critters won’t get into the garden, but we are working hard to secure it. The garden is enclosed (see photos).
Can I share a plot with a friend? 
We’re asking each membership / household has their own plot. Friends may be added to your list of occasional gardeners but one member/household is responsible for each plot and one person must take responsibility for it. 
Is there irrigation? 
Yes, there is a hose bib for each plot. 
Can I use a soaking hose? 
Yes, you may install a hose or other device. All equipment must be battery operated. 
Can I use raised beds? 
If your raised bed does not shade another person’s plot and it can fit it into the garden doorway without disturbing other plots, let’s talk about it. 
What about a trellis? 
The plants in your plot may not shade other plots. 
How is the soil quality? 
Find the soil report here.
How much does this cost?
For this first year, the TCC is simply asking that you maintain current membership and lovingly care for your plot. There is no additional fee. 
What happens if more than 8 people apply?
If we have enough interest, we will consider adding additional plots. We also have plans for a large garden in a different part of the property, but we wanted to start small and have your support to grow! 
Where can I learn more? 
Fill out the application on this page and send questions to:
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