The TCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, independently owned and maintained by the citizens of Topanga.

TCC is looking for:

Talented educators with local authority to lead outdoor youth programming for weekend workshops. Seeking experienced educators in the following areas to lead these small group hands-on seminars on TCC grounds:

We are also seeking authorities on introductory First Aid, Topanga Creek Watershed, Fiber arts, creating natural dyes, painting and drawing, woodworking and sculpture.

Ideal candidates will have experience with students ages 5-17, willing to develop curriculum for this age group as part of the Topanga Community Center.
Weekend availability for workshops as well as leadership and organizational skills are required.
This is a paid contractor position. 

Animal Tracking, Trailing

How do you know what animals live here? What evidence do you see and how can you tell what that animal might be? Looking for authorities to inform Topanga youth about the animals that live in the Santa Monica Mountains and their life cycles, food webs, and what they depend on to survive.

Birds and Bird Language

Who are our bird neighbors, and what can we learn from them? Seeing an avid bird enthusiasts to lead this workshop! 

Composting and Gardening

Looking for leaders to help teach about the process of composting, worm farming and gardening basics. Teach Topanga youth what is needed to break down materials successfully and the importance of a balanced compost pile. 

Mountain view from TCC grounds

Geology and Anthropology

What can we learn about the past from the rocks of the present? Looking for authority to help develop this programming. Can also be done in tandem with another workshop, if desired. 

Local Ecology

How does everything around you fit together? What does living in Topanga mean to you? Seeking a Topanga expert to teach youth about this “life place” and Topanga’s complex ecosystem. 

kids overlooking Topanga Canyon

Wilderness Survival, Navigation

 What happens when you’re in the wilderness alone or you have lost your group? What are some of the best ways to make sure you find your way back? Learn how to use a compass and read a map (and draw your own!), which local plants are edible, and what native cultures did to survive in the harsh mountain terrain.

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