The TCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, independently owned and maintained by the citizens of Topanga.

Minutes from the 11.8.18 General Meeting

  1. READING OF TCC MISSION STATEMENT: The TCC is a community-oriented, non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to protect, maintain, upgrade and enhance the Community House and the grounds entrusted to its care. The TCC is dedicated to serving the Community of Topanga by providing access and support for philanthropic, educational, and community activities and services.
  1. Guests
Election Committee -Rick and David need to send bios to Bonnie for inclusion in Messenger -Lisa Brown nominated herself to be VP Membership, will need to provide bio to Bonnie by 10.12.18 Potential Music Person-Craig French-hoping to produce quarterly intimate concerts in house-will discuss. Craig to work with Dayna on dates, will discuss at Board Meeting
President (Kelly Rockwell) -Looking into securing dates for big 2019 events VP Facilities (Rick Provisor) -Water line is fixed again -Polaris is fixed -Need to check with dedication bench person to find remaining pieces -Will be putting lights up on stage for night field lighting VP Fundraising (Nonie Shore) -Square Dance 10.12.18 -Bingo 11.18.18 afternoon 3-6pm -Bingo 1.13.19 -Disco 2.9.19 -Bingo 2.24.19 -Square Dance 3.15.19 -Disco 4.13 or 4.20.19 -Bingo 4.28.19 VP Membership (David Stickel) -485 members Treasurer (Franka Diehnelt) -All accounts -Checking $46,399.49 -Savings $105.422.83 -CHIC 72,425.86  Corresponding Secretary (Terri Moriarty) -Nothing to report Recording Secretary (Andy Monn) -Nothing to report
  • Stage Flooring – needs to be re-done-Provide any recommendations to the board
  • Senior Classroom-Susan Nissman, needs to provide all accounting to county
  • Hardscaping around ballfield-
    • Would like to terrace back side of stage next to sports court, would be able to provide seating
  • Website—membership management and signing up for events
    • Would like to include membership directory
    • cc is live for beta testing
  • Swap Meet-11.10.18
    • November 10th-Shannon Thomas handling Chili and Pie entries
    • Need to review rules
    • Pies will be donated
    • TYS students may MC
    • Bounce house and Food Truck needed-TERRI to confirm
  • Holiday Party
    • December 14th-Friday at 5pm
    • Look into music for party
    • Sages holiday party 12/2/18
  • Commercial Kitchen-work with Kelly to speak with county
  • Board Meeting 11/22 – rescheduled to 11/29
    • 11/29 is new date
  • Whack-a-human
    • Let’s get it
  • BYLAW-Annual dues will be $50 for couples as defined by 2 people living in the same household-Nonie second all in favor-Andy Monn,–Passed
  • BYLAW-Meetings that count toward voting eligibility need to be held on TCC grounds-Karla Morrison, Kelly Rockwell second-all in favor—does not pass,
  • BYLAW-All meetings that count toward TCC voting and/or candidate eligibility must be held on TCC grounds. Kelly, 2nd Karla Morrison-Will be voted on at February 2019 General Meeting
Topanga Days update -Poster-concepts should be available next week -Music-still reaching out VII.  NEW BUSINESS
  • Raffle-will begin application
VIII. GOOD OF THE ORDER this is a time for members not listed on the agenda to make comments or observations
  1. ADJOURN-Kelly 8:50pm Andy second
Attendees Rick Provisor, Terri Moriarty, Kelly Rockwell, Nonie Shore, Franka Diehnelt, Andy Monn, David Stickel Lisa Brown, Michael Augello, Bonnie Morgan, Elaine Hanson, Doug Hanson, Karen Danenbaum, Karla Morrison, Kelly Lowry, Shannon Thomas, Craig French, Jerry Simer, Dayna Miller
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