The TCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, independently owned and maintained by the citizens of Topanga.

Minutes from the 8.9.18 General Meeting

8.9.20187 PMTCC Community House
Meeting called byKelly Rockwell
Type of meetingTCC General Meeting
FacilitatorKelly Rockwell
Note takerAndy Monn
TimekeeperAndy Monn
TCC Board
PresidentKelly RockwellX
VP MembershipDavid StickelX
VP FundraisingNonie ShoreX
VP FacilitiesRick ProvisorX
TreasurerFranka Diehnelt 
Corresponding SecretaryTerri Moriarty 
Recording SecretaryAndy MonnX
MembersMark Henley, Dayna Miller, Jerry Simer
Meeting started7:07PMKelly Rockwell 
Meeting ended8:40PMKelly RockwellAndy Monn second

Reading and Approval of Minutes from June General Meeting

Officer Reports

Board Discussion/Old Business

Introduction of New Business


1. Reading and Approval of Minutes from June General Meeting

Andy Monn

Minutes approved, All in favor

2. Officer Reports
Reports by 

Kelly Rockwell


-Caretaker unit is in, senior classroom seeing positive progress

Rick Provisor

(VP Facilities)

-Continuous work being done on property

Nonie Shore

(VP Fundraising)

-Bingo will be September 8th

-Next Square Dance to be Friday October 12th

David Stickel

(VP Membership)

-Membership currently at 478

-Still setting up new site, payment processing is live

-Looking into easy ways for opt in on recurring membership renewals

-Kelly to speak to attorneys regarding what is permitted for recurring payments and privacy policy for website

Franka Diehnelt


-not present

Corresponding Secretary

(Terri Moriarty)

-Not present

Andy Monn

(Recording Secretary)

-Nothing to present
3.  Guests

Bonnie Morgan-Earth Day

-Bonnie to work with David about TCC opportunities with Rosewood’s Earth Day celebration

-First meeting to be on September 7th at Messenger officesavailable dates

 4. Board Discussion/Old Business

Senior Classroom-Pillars are up, pads are poured-concrete to be poured in the next week or two

Soccer-Kick off will be September 8th

Reggae on the Mountain-Language on their promotional materials must say 50/50 split not solely a fund raiser for TCC

Meteor Shower-Need to get a couple of grills to TCC-Andy and Rick to handle

 5.  Introduction of New Business

Swap Meet

-David agreed to manage this event

Election Committee

-Bonnie volunteered-Kelly will provide details of what is needed

-Neil Shaw, Karla Morrison have volunteered so far, will be asking previous members to join


-Need to create joint letter from all impacted community members/business regarding loss of parking along boulevard. Perhaps suggest “no festival parking” signs to county

Election Day

-No classes to be held in the house, can be moved to the field/stage area


-Other festivals sell aprons/cookbooks/etc. is this something we would like to do?

6.  Announcements of Upcoming Events, General Membership Announcements

Food Truck Friday September 14th

Perseid Meteor Shower Camp out 8/11

Fiddle and Griddle 9/1-2

Bingo 9/8
7. Adjourn
Adjourn 8:40pmKelly Adjourned, second by Andy all in favor
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