The TCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, independently owned and maintained by the citizens of Topanga.

Minutes from the 8.22.19 Board Meeting

7-8pm: Community Members are welcome to the first hour of the meeting.




  • Neil Shaw
    • Would like to earthquake proof speakers-Rick/Jerry to work on it
    • Would like conduit for electrical/speaker wires-Neil to handle
    • Acoustics in Sages room are bad-need to find funding to address

IV. OFFICER REPORTS (Please keep brief)

  • President (Kelly Rockwell)
  • VP Facilities (Rick Provisor)
    • Need to get new batteries for carts-Rick to purchase new batteries/cables-$700 budget approved
  • VP Fundraising (Nonie Shore)
    • Square Dance September 13th
  • VP Membership (Lisa Brown)
    • 542 members
    • Membership drive suggested for October
    • Lisa will be working to speak with all classes about becoming members
  • Treasurer (Franka Diehnelt)
    • All Accounts in good standing
    • Checking $121,708.44
    • Savings $56,324.75
    • CHIC $43,479.86
    • Sages $1,704
  • Corresponding Secretary (Terri Moriarty)
  • Recording Secretary (Andy Monn)


  1. Fiddle and Griddle
    • Nonie to pick up supplies
  2. CHIC meeting date-Invite proactive members who could lead some improvement projects-Look into late September early October. Also look into setting up regular meeting for CHIC committee
  3. Car show at the Swap Meet
    • Look into separate event/BBQ-Possibly December
  4. TEP track and field-No Charge this year
  5. Talk to Symphony about finalizing performance/rehearsal dates
  6. Increase hourly rate for renters
    • We have interested Instructors for after school classes, but don’t have the room-offer ball field if possible.
    • Look into raising hourly rental rate for any new classes
    • Franka to find out what additional funds were provided to Sages classroom
  7. Change door code-New code to be set up-Jerry
  8. Franka to send style guidelines to Neil
  9. Docu Sign Set up-Franka to handle
  10. Windows and Excel on computer is expired-Franka to handle
  11. Website build-provide wish list to Kelly
    • Developer to invoice TCC-$25/hr approved by board
    • Calendar to start on Monday end on Sunday
  12. Fire at the house – who owns that piece of land and will they sell-Franka to ask Karen Danenbaum to look into who owns the land
    • Jerry to purchase hay rolls to limit erosion and flooding onto TCB
  13. Update on interior work & sages
    • Need to put final trim and misc. pieces into Sages room
    • Penny room furniture ordered. Need electrical quote to install additional fans in Penny room-Kelly to call electrician
    • Franka working with Neil to put together list of everything we would like to do
  14. Bingo –prizes
    • Need to find out what collected money can be used for-Nonie
  15. Nest renewal
    • Renewal approved for 30 day saved recording
  16. Set up On-site training for non-profits to get familiarized with property-End of September
  17. Topanga Days
    • Rough estimate-$85k profit
    • Need to start with TD Broker and Music-
    • FunZone-Will be hiring a few people to help in FunZone
    • Want a paid membership coordinator-
    • Will be hiring a graphic designer for Topanga Days-Send contact to Nonie
    • Reach out to PR team to gauge interest in returning for 2020
    • Booking Agent-Will be checking with Stevo again
    • Hire a paid membership coordinator for T-Days


  • TYS
    • Karen wants to add a fall production other than Jan-April production-need to know if other production companies will be performing throughout year also to gauge interest of participants
    • Cooking course-Would like to host class during Tae Kwon Do-need to find dates that work
    • Membership-need to create a new membership category for TYS/youth programming participants-need bylaw amendment. Look into fee for non members added to programming cost-Terri and Lisa to put together letter requesting all participants become members
  • PETALS proposal
    • A contract for PETALS use of grounds for 2 month trial period has been approved-5 yes,

VII. ADJOURN – 10:03pm Kelly, Andy second

Karen Cooke, Dayna Miller, David Thompson, Jerry Simer

Kelly Rockwell, Nonie Shore, Rick Provisor, Andy Monn, Franka Diehnelt, Lisa Brown

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