Minutes from the 6.13.19 General Meeting

This is June general meeting of the Topanga Community Center for the 2019 term. All members and prospective members are welcome to attend. The meeting will be held at the Topanga Community Center, 1440 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga, CA 90290, beginning at 7pm.


II. READING OF TCC MISSION STATEMENT: The TCC is a community-oriented, non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to protect, maintain, upgrade and enhance the Community House and the grounds entrusted to its care. The TCC is dedicated to serving the Community of Topanga by providing access and support for philanthropic, educational, and community activities and services.



Petal learning communit: proposal to use the TCC as home base on Tuesday, Thursdays, and Fridays from 10 to 3 pm beginning August 2019.

 Treasurer (Franka Diehnelt)

  • Current – $239,650.50
  • Savings – $56,245.13
  • CHIC — $43,458.14


  • President (Kelly Rockwell)
  • VP Facilities (Rick Provisor)
  • VP Fundraising (Nonie Shore)
  • VP Membership (Lisa Brown)
  • Corresponding Secretary (Terri Moriarty)
  • Recording Secretary (Andy Monn)


  • Senior Classroom news
  • Topanga Days report, debrief
    • Sending out of an meeting notes without board approval
    • Motion: Any notes that are considered minutes to any meeting held on the property need to be sent to the recording secretary and approved by the board prior to publication or release (Terri ) Second by Karla. Voting unanimously 
  • Insurance Expires July 11th
    • Working on it.
  • July 27th battle of the bands – Topanga Days
    • Authorized $2500.
  • Ballfield lights
    • Bidding process initiated – Rick wants to do conduit along the fence if he can work with electrician
  • Compost bin – schedule a composting seminar day
  • Rehab adult garden – open to membership any time they would like to work on it
  • Children’s garden – enhance projects
  • Sages gave — $95
  • FTF — $125


  • Janabai’s homeschooling question – see page 2
    • Will discuss as a board
    • One semester – two days 10-2 (4 hours)
    • Everyone signs a waiver
  • Baseball Clinic possible for the summer-
      • Proof of membership + proof of insurance
      • Fine on the weekends from 8-9:30
  • Fiddle and Griddle—Sat of Labor Day weekend?
  • Calendar events – FTF, Square dance, move swap meet?
      • Potential of moving swap meet to 9/28
  • Volunteers to work to get kitchen certified
      • Angie Winslow said she’ll help with the kitchen
  • Set date for onsite training for non profits
      • September 8 non profit onsight training at 3 pm
  • Enhance indoor of house – change lighting, add overhead fans or a/c timeline
      • We are looking to do these projects prior to Fiddle and Griddle.
  • Time where Jerry and Rick are NOT ALLOWED to work and have to chill out and not even think any words that start with “T” or “C” or another “C”
  • Someone wants to do a children’s clothes swap – see page 2
      • Kelly is willing to do it.
  • Girl Scouts – Dayna – see email
      • We should invite a girl scout to be part of the TCC nonprofit.
  • Restrooms on the field
      • Will look into getting bathrooms on the file
  • Peace Guardians – We need to know more details.
  • We need to increase bandwidth for our internet.

X. GOOD OF THE ORDER this is a time for members not listed on the agenda to make comments or observations
          No meeting in July

8:05pm Kelly moved to adjourn, Terri Second, all approved.

XII. BOARD MEETING – TD, $ decisions

Page 2

Alexandra Fitzmorris:

Hey there! 
I recently mentioned on NextDoor my interest in starting a clothing swap for children since our little ones grow so fast and its great to upcycle and give to our neighbors. Someone mentioned that there used to be such a swap at the TCC but no longer—I’m wondering if it would be possible for me to schedule something like this at the TCC in the next couple of months, and how I should go about making it happen.

Alexandra Danks

Paradise Lane resident 🙂


Janabai Owens

Hi Kelly,
I hope you and the kids are well! 
I was wondering about the possibility of basing a homeschool co-op program at the TCC? I know there used to be a co-op school awhile back, I am not sure of the issues involved but I thought it would be worth discussing the potential.
I think it would be great to be able to connect the co-op elementary students with the Sages program as well and also the community garden. 
Love to hear your thoughts.
Please let me know if you have time to jump on a call.




In Addition:

Girl scouts- I issued them a contract for a $50 fee. They decided to have the their class elsewhere.  Are they a real Topanga group? We should find out if the families of troop 1375 are at least 50% Topanga residents before we offer them a free place to meet or have classes.

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