The TCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, independently owned and maintained by the citizens of Topanga.

Minutes from the 5.10.18 General Meeting

5.10.20187 PMTCC Community House
Meeting called byKelly Rockwell
Type of meetingTCC General Meeting
FacilitatorKelly Rockwell
Note takerAndy Monn
TimekeeperAndy Monn
TCC Board
PresidentKelly RockwellX
VP MembershipDavid Stickel 
VP FundraisingNonie ShoreX
VP FacilitiesRick ProvisorX
TreasurerFranka DiehneltX
Corresponding SecretaryTerri Moriarty 
Recording SecretaryAndy MonnX
MembersKarla Morrison, Jerry Simer, Dayna Miller, Kristen Center
Meeting started7:07PMKelly Rockwell 
Meeting ended9:10 PMKelly RockwellAndy Monn second

Reading and Approval of Minutes from April General Meeting

Officer Reports

Board Discussion/Old Business

Introduction of New Business


1. Reading and Approval of Minutes from April General Meeting

Andy Monn

Minutes approved, All in favor

         2. Officer Reports
Reports by 

Kelly Rockwell


-Bingo license approved-first Bingo game tentitvely set for September 8th

-Seedlings infant group to start w/o 5/14

Rick Provisor

(VP Facilities)

-Chris Wahle to help take apart water tank and fix electric cart

Nonie Shore

(VP Fundraising)

-Square dance awaiting final numbers

-Next Square Dance set for October 12th

David Stickel

(VP Membership)


-435 members

-Website up for beta testing by board

Franka Diehnelt


-All accounts in good standing

-Checking- $140,721.73

-Savings- $105,411.58

-Chic- $72,407.65

-Accounts gradually moving over to Premier America

-Caretaker unit–working on final details. Will be going in after Topanga Days

Corresponding Secretary

(Terri Moriarty)

-Food Truck Friday is set for 5/11

Andy Monn

(Recording Secretary)

-Nothing to present
3.  Guests

No comments from guests

 4. Board Discussion/Old Business

Summer Calendar

-No July TCC meetings

-No Sages dinners July or August

Sages Classroom

-Need to get structural plans redone-soil results and slope called for the change

-Robin Soper to provide contract for building

-Funding-need to get all checks to Franka so she can tabulate


-Soccer-need to get dates to Dayna for fall

-Look into flag football a fall option

Topanga Days

-CalTrans informed that no smoking of Marijuana at alcohol events-Kelly to clarify what the implications are

-Dayna to look into annual alcohol license

-Letter being sent out to Cheney Drive homes regarding parking

Need to update Reggae contract to include ABC smoking issues

 5.  Introduction of New Business

Art Classes during farmers market can be on ballfield stage

Signage Guidelines

-Need to communicate to all groups/classes when to post and when things have to come down

MOTION-Kelly-All signage on TCB for events go up at most 3 weeks in advance. Andy Second, 1 abstain, the rest in favor

-Kelly to reach out to CalTrans regarding TCC adopting part of highway 27

-Seedlings-New group for infants and parents proposed on ballfield stage during Farmers Market-Info will be sent out to community

6.  Announcements of Upcoming Events, General Membership Announcements

Food Truck Friday 5/11

Topanga Days 5/26-5/28

7. Adjourn
Adjourn 9:10pmKelly Adjourned, second by Andy all in favor
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