The TCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, independently owned and maintained by the citizens of Topanga.

Minutes from the 4.12.18 General Meeting

4.12.20187 PMTCC Community House
Meeting called byKelly Rockwell
Type of meetingTCC General Meeting
FacilitatorKelly Rockwell
Note takerAndy Monn
TimekeeperAndy Monn
TCC Board
PresidentKelly RockwellX
VP MembershipDavid StickelX
VP FundraisingNonie ShoreX
VP FacilitiesRick ProvisorX
TreasurerFranka DiehneltX
Corresponding SecretaryTerri MoriartyX
Recording SecretaryAndy MonnX
MembersRoger Pugliese, Jerry Simer, Brooks Ellis, Karen Dannenbaum, Karen Cooke, Kiera Provisor
Meeting started7:07PMKelly Rockwell 
Meeting ended9:33 PMKelly RockwellAndy Monn second

Reading and Approval of Minutes from March General Meeting

Officer Reports

Board Discussion/Old Business

Introduction of New Business


1. Reading and Approval of Minutes from March General Meeting

Andy Monn

Minutes approved, All in favor

         2. Officer Reports
Reports by 

Kelly Rockwell


-Senior classroom funding coming along, will be getting license to fundraise outside of membership

-Bingo hearing is set for April 25th

-Children’s garden to relocate in June

-Need to find volunteers to help remove water tank

Rick Provisor

(VP Facilities)

-Wall is finished along driveway

-Paving done in multiple parts of property

-Brush clearing has begun

Nonie Shore

(VP Fundraising)

-Square dance is May 4th

David Stickel

(VP Membership)

-442 members

Franka Diehnelt


-All accounts in good standing

-Checking- $127,810.91

-Savings- $105,408.98

-Chic- $72,404.08

-Accounts gradually moving over to new bank

-Caretaker unit coming May 10th, looking into when install will happen

Corresponding Secretary

(Terri Moriarty)

-Food Truck Friday is set for 4/20

Andy Monn

(Recording Secretary)

-Nothing to present
3.  Guests

Karen Cooke-TYS

-Would like better signage on TCB board for future musicals

-Need light for TYS shed

-Need to replace cable for light board

-Week before performances need to have designated times for rehearsals, not infringed on by other groups

-Will be looking into setting up a Topanga Glee Club

-Grant discretionary funds to be used on new sound board


Karen Dannenbaum-Sages

-Would like to get a clock in the kitchen

-Refill bandaids in kitchen first-aid kit

-Replace step/plywood for Sages shed

-Order new plates and silverware


Roger Pugliese-Chamber

-Explained TCC model at Topanga Days for Non-profit booths, Dayna to provide location of Chamber booth to Roger

-Trash Warriors meet every Sunday at 7am at Post Office. Free brunch at Inn of the Seventh Ray afterwards

-Michael Dipsa (sp) is new CalTrans contact


Brooks Ellis-Reggae

-Golden Road to be main beer sponsor, Estrella Jalisco will be sponsor as well

-Will have decision on sound proposals soon

-Brooks to provide Franka with bartender names so they can take online class

 4. Board Discussion/Old Business

Topanga Days

-Order fencing for FunZone

-Set up work party day May 19th to finish property clean up prior to Topanga Days

-Mount sunscreen dispenser near playground

-Mikes Hard Lemonade-working out sponsor details

-Will provide $100 stipend to art teachers in Canyon for a day in FunZone



-David presented plan for growing our membership base

-Would like to create a member directory (opt in)

-Need to update the format of community calendar

MOTION-Kelly-David to simplify and improve email and digital communication system-Nonie second, all in favor

 5.  Introduction of New Business

Art Classes during farmers market can be on ballfield stage


Signage Guidelines

-Need to communicate to all groups/classes when to post and when things have to come down

MOTION-Kelly-All signage on TCB for events go up at most 3 weeks in advance. Andy Second, 1 abstain, the rest in favor

-Kelly to reach out to CalTrans regarding TCC adopting part of highway 27

-Seedlings-New group for infants and parents proposed on ballfield stage during Farmers Market-Info will be sent out to community

6.  Announcements of Upcoming Events, General Membership Announcements

Food Truck Friday 4/20

Square Dance 5/4

7. Adjourn
Adjourn 9:33pmKelly Adjourned, second by Andy all in favor
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