The TCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, independently owned and maintained by the citizens of Topanga.

Minutes from the 2.7.19 General Meeting

I.  CALL TO ORDER II. READING OF TCC MISSION STATEMENT: The TCC is a community-oriented, non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to protect, maintain, upgrade and enhance the Community House and the grounds entrusted to its care. The TCC is dedicated to serving the Community of Topanga by providing access and support for philanthropic, educational, and community activities and services. III. READING AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM January 10, 2019 GENERAL MEETING
  1. Guests
Karen Cooke- – Looking for fall performance dates, will work with Dayna Karen Dannenbaum- – Collected $100 from last Sages Dinner – $1,000 stipend to be deposited into Sages account – Sages to provide short list of names for new classroom – Sages shed is leaking, Jerry to grab tarp until new storage has been decided – Donations are ongoing for classroom materials and furniture Bonnie Morgan/Michael – Would like to set up a community composting hub at TCC – 2 years $4k-LACompost builds bins, 2 days a month of maintenance, starter kit with all info needed – Michael to come back during daylight to look at space – Michael will introduce board to community manager Motion-Kelly-Move to initiate having LA Compost set up community hub at TCC, Nonie second, all in favor – Hope to be up and running by May 1st
      Treasurer (Franka Diehnelt) – All accounts in good standing – Checking-$42,244.43 – Savings-$81,120.52 – CHIC-$47,461.47 VII.  ONLY IMPORTANT MATTERS       President (Kelly Rockwell)       VP Facilities (Rick Provisor)       VP Fundraising (Nonie Shore)       VP Membership (Lisa Brown)       Corresponding Secretary (Terri Moriarty)       Recording Secretary (Andy Monn) VIII.            UNFINISHED / ONGOING BUSINESS
  • Bylaw Amendment: All meetings that count towards TCC voting and/or candidate eligibility must be held on TCC grounds.
    • Passes, all in favor, one abstain
  • Soccer Field/Spring Sports
    • Field is very wet, need to keep it closed for February, open March 2nd-look into Food truck opening
    • Need decomposed granite to change rain water pattern away from field
  • Volunteers for 80’s night
    • Jerry, Rick and Lisa to help decorate
  • July Dates
    • Hold Reggae dates for now
  • March Swap meet 3/9-TBD
  • Volunteer opportunities
    • Need to find Members who want to be involved in helping run different events-Bingo, Swap Meet, Disco, etc.
  • Senior classroom – 3/17
    • Ribbon Cutting
    • Fundraising
  • Topanga Days
    • Discussed Saturday being “locals” day
  • Website-Need to find person to run website, need to get passwords and login for all TCC accounts
  • Thank you to Dan Shore for volunteering at Bingo
  1. GOOD OF THE ORDER this is a time for members not listed on the agenda to make comments or observations
                  –Lisa Villasenor will be given free rental for daughters wedding. Rick will handle on-site. Only need to pay for required staffing. 2. ADJOURN Karla Morrison, Karen Dannenbaum, Karen Cooke, Jerry Simer, Bonnie Morgan Andy Monn, Rick Provisor, Kelly Rockwell, Franka Diehnelt
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