Minutes from the 2.28.19 Board Meeting

III.  GUESTS Theatricum -Discussed splitting weekend ROTM would have been so Theatricum can host plays for one of the days Dayna Miller -Discussed upcoming events -Need to finalize dates for FTF, next one 3/22 -Try to do April Soccer clinic-Need to ask Coach what suggestions he has -Awaiting signed contract for Track and Field from TECS -Find out if heating/AC going into Penny Room Markian Fedorowycz/Tom Mitchell -Half Pipe/Skate lessons-Need to get costs from SkateSide -Need a few questions answered-Tom to provide further info -May look into July event focused on Skateboarding as well/instead -August 16th-Woodstock movie screening-$10 in house-Need to look into licensing
  1. OFFICER REPORTS (Please keep brief)
  2. President (Kelly Rockwell)
  3. VP Facilities (Rick Provisor)
  4. VP Fundraising (Nonie Shore)
  5. VP Membership (Lisa Brown)
  6. Treasure (Franka Diehnelt)
-Checking-$45,768.79 -Savings-$56,110.52 -CHIC-$47,461.47
  1. Corresponding Secretary (Terri Moriarty)
  2. Recording Secretary (Andy Monn)
  Open meeting Agenda Items
  1. Octoberfest- in the house-End of September. full details to come-6 in favor-(70% to TCC, 30% to promotors-NET)-Need to check with attorneys regarding liability
  2. Senior classroom
-Need to find volunteers for opening -Set up a membership table at opening Historical Society Events -Managed their event well with their own volunteers
  • Bzzzzz. Bee
-Proposal for classes and hives for honey-May not be able to host this
  • Basketball Hoop
  • Sports Court Grading Timeline-TBD
  • Field condition/lights-TBD
  • FTF—March and June dates
  • CERT Trailer
-Need a key to their trailer
  • Swap Meet – 3/9
  • Topanga Day
    1. Ticket prices-Need to finalize prices
      1. Members-$15 presale, $20 at gate, 3 day pass $40 presale, $50 day at gate
      2. Non-members-$25 pre-sale, $35 at gate, 3 day pass $70, $80 at the gate
    2. Booths-Field $700/$750 with electric, House $600, Picnic $600, Gypsy $500-All present board members approved, need to update map
    3. Think about Fire Safe row-booths for Fire prevention people
    4. T-shirts-Nonie working on design
    5. Bands
-Discussed flow of days and final band list
  • FunZone-
-Tie-Dye-looking into what items that could be made for reasonable price CLOSED ITEMS (8 pm)
  1. ROTM-Discussed lawsuit and potential future events.
  2. Board approved Tom Mitchell to put together skateboarding proposal over Saturday of planned ROTM date
  3. MOU-Discussed items to add to MOU
ADJOURN 10:33 Kelly, Terri second, all in favor
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