The TCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, independently owned and maintained by the citizens of Topanga.

Minutes from the 1.24.19 Board Meeting

I . CALL TO ORDER 7:10p,
III.  GUESTS Monica Sheehan -Wants to do a festival/fund raiser for First Responders, will be providing more details Karen Cooke -Need all invoices and receipts for sound equipment -Need to set up Square Dance early on 3/15 to not interfere with TYS rehearsal -Would like to have a teen directed play in the fall-need to secure dates-Karen to work with Dayna
  1. OFFICER REPORTS (Please keep brief)
  2. President (Kelly Rockwell)
    1. Classroom to open 3/17
    2. Want to have open house for TCC on 3/17 to drum up membership
    3. Need new Children’s garden leader
  3. VP Facilities (Rick Provisor)
    1. Need to fix latch on playground gate
    2. Removed awning and bulletin board to make room for fountain
    3. Need to add heating/cooling to Penny Room
    4. Will be putting solar lights up on field soon
    5. Gravel for water tank needs to be leveled
    6. Field not ready to open for playing-checking with gardener before setting opening date
    7. Need to order new Nest Camera inside and outside new classroom
  4. VP Fundraising (Nonie Shore)
    1. Bingo went well-raised around $600
    2. 2/9 80s night-need to confirm DJ
  5. VP Membership (Lisa Brown)
    1. Trying to get all groups that use the grounds/house to be members. Will be sending emails to request people join
    2. 498 members
  6. Treasurer (Franka Diehnelt)
  7. Corresponding Secretary (Terri Moriarty)
  8. Recording Secretary (Andy Monn)
Open meeting Agenda Items
  1. 80s night
    1. 2/9 8pm
    2. Dayna to look into disco type lights
    3. Need to find new Disco ball-Kelly to purchase
  2. Messenger — Senior classroom/March Opening
    1. Kelly-TCC to pay for 1 page in Messenger-Nonie second, 4 in favor, 1 abstain
  3. Firesafe council
    1. Will be trimming our Eucalyptus trees our self, don’t need to cut it down
    2. Do have 1 pine tree to remove
  4. Basketball Hoop
    1. Will readdress in the future
  5. Sports Court Grading Timeline
    1. Need to build retaining wall first-David Thompson and Rick to evaluate spaces to put it. Look into Artist parking and behind stage
  6. Topanga Days
    1. Gathering non-headliner quotes
    2. Will be locking up headliners soon
    3. Finishing art work with Erica
  7. Sages Classroom-Need to finish MOU
  1. Lawsuit
    1. Discussed current state of law suit
  2. Website
    1. Will be hiring someone to finish and manage website
ADJOURN 10:01pm David Thompson, Dayna Miller, Jerry Simer, Karen Cooke Kelly Rockwell, Nonie Shore, Lisa Brown, Rick Provisor
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