The TCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, independently owned and maintained by the citizens of Topanga.

Minutes from the 1.11.18 General Meeting

1.11.20187 PMTCC Community House
Meeting called byKelly Rockwell
Type of meetingTCC General Meeting
FacilitatorKelly Rockwell
Note takerAndy Monn
TimekeeperAndy Monn
TCC Board
PresidentKelly RockwellX
VP MembershipBonnie Morgan 
VP FundraisingNonie ShoreX
VP FacilitiesRick ProvisorX
TreasurerFranka DiehneltX
Corresponding SecretaryTerri Moriarty 
Recording SecretaryAndy MonnX
MembersLisa Bilac, Jerry Simer, Amit Gilad, Brooks Ellis, Braeden Sumner, Karen Cooke, Dayna Miller, Neil Shaw
Meeting started7:02PMKelly Rockwell 
Meeting ended9:00 PMKelly RockwellAndy Monn second

Reading and Approval of Minutes from November General Meeting

Officer Reports

Board Discussion/Old Business

Introduction of New Business


1. Reading and Approval of Minutes from November General Meeting

Andy Monn

Minutes approved, All in favor

         2. Officer Reports
Reports by 

Kelly Rockwell


-2017 Review

-Both Topanga Days and Reggae were both profitable

-Caretaker unit coming soon

-Senior classroom extension granted

-Sheds moved

-Increased parking with crushed asphalt

-New logo in place

-Renovated kitchen

-Renovated office

Rick Provisor

(VP Facilities)

-Rick needs credit card to purchase materials for new water line

-Need 3 day window to replace water line

-Fire department came and gave comments to get kitchen up to code

Nonie Shore

(VP Fundraising)

-Bingo awaiting approval

-Square dance Jan 19th –top of each hour to have 1-2 songs for experienced dancers

-Disco Feb 24th

Bonnie Morgan

(VP Membership)

-Not Present

-464 members

Franka Diehnelt


-All accounts in good standing

-Checking- $107,180.59

-Savings- $105,401.18

-Chic- $72,393.37

-Caretaker unit ordered, to be delivered after Topanga Days

-Hope to have new bank by Topanga Days

-Google Suite provides deals for non-profits, please send any thoughts on software to Franka

Corresponding Secretary

(Terri Moriarty)

-Not present

Andy Monn

(Recording Secretary)

-Nothing to present
3.  Guests

American Music and Sound-Need to provide Colin list of items used/needed in past events so he can put a bid together at discounted rate

TYS-Karen Cooke

-Sound Of Music April 5th-7th

-Working on mobile skatepark

 4. Board Discussion/Old Business


-Soccer may not happen in spring-need to find parent volunteer to help with a paid coach

-Terri to send email blast letting people know we may cancel soccer, also send survey to sports parents about things they would like to participate in

Topanga Days

-Awaiting cost for headliners

-Awaiting updated artwork and website

-Franka looking into eco friendly cups

-Bartenders need to take online class

-Amit/Franka to meet with Trash Pirates regarding garbage at Topanga Days


-Already sold $7k presale tickets

-Vendor applications are out already

-Need to make sure to clear dates with Botanicum prior to posting online

Senior Classroom

-Could start breaking ground next month

-Need to raise $100k, TCC to fund but Sages to work on repaying by fundraising—a few checks have already come in

-Deb Sylbar to manage fundraising efforts

Farmers Market-looking into new date, other creative ideas to boost attendance

Sunday Volunteers-Need small projects for high school volunteers-Send ideas to Nonie

Playground Gate-Thank you to Steve Ellis

Party rentals-requested donation raised to $75 minimum and need to be a member.

-Parties to be 3 hour max and 2 per day max

Membership Pricing-Need to update online

Ranch Fest-postponed until 2019

 5.  Introduction of New Business

Bike Rodeo

-Need to find a date-Check with AAA, they have a bike safety program

Pothole Repair

-Need to provide Rick with location of potholes

Main Gate

-Need multiple bids for new gate

-Possibly 2 step process, 1). New gate up, 2). Get motor for gate

7. Adjourn
Adjourn 9:00pmKelly Adjourned, second by Andy all in favor
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