The TCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, independently owned and maintained by the citizens of Topanga.

Minutes from the 9.13.18 General Meeting

Meeting Information

This is the September General Meeting of the Topanga Community Center for the 2018 term. All members and prospective members are welcome to attend. The meeting was held at the Topanga Community Center, 1440 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga, CA 90290, beginning at 7pm.

I . CALL TO ORDER 7:08pm

II. READING OF TCC MISSION STATEMENT: The TCC is a community-oriented, non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to protect, maintain, upgrade and enhance the Community House and the grounds entrusted to its care. The TCC is dedicated to serving the Community of Topanga by providing access and support for philanthropic, educational, and community activities and services.


IV. Guests

Karen Cooke
-Need to postpone Talent Show to get more entries
-Will be starting improv group with Adam Noble Roberts October 11-Nov 29 on Thursdays

Carolyn Day (Childrens Organic Garden)
-Fencing quote came in high, will look into sourcing labor out to community to reduce costs
-Will be marking out corners with Rick/Franka
-Need to decide where shed and classroom will go

Neil Shaw
-New sound mixer works, Neil will train anyone who needs to use them
-May be able to get new house speakers with remaining grant funds
-Would like to work with TYS to start theater tech class

Lisa Brown
-Presented Earth Day Celebration proposal, will discuss at board meeting

President (Kelly Rockwell)
-Need to reach out to community members to help with small projects/events
VP Facilities (Rick Provisor)
-Will be looking into specifics for sports court
VP Fundraising (Nonie Shore)
-Bingo Night ran smoothly, Dayna looking at dates for next bingo night
-Square Dance Friday October 12th
VP Membership (David Stickel)
-488 Members
Treasurer (Franka Diehnelt)
-All accounts in good standing
-Sages reached fundraising goal and are looking into how to furnish class room
-Topanga Days made $86,758.97
-Reggae-$27,448.99-$13,734.49 goes to TCC other half to Label 27 productions (total production cost was $228,280.36)
Corresponding Secretary (Terri Moriarty)
-Soccer is starting 9/23, 7 week season
Recording Secretary (Andy Monn)
-Nothing to present

Website-Up and running, need to beta test. David to provide access to board members
Senior Classroom
Elections-Board needs to respond to Bonnie regarding intentions to run again, need to declare running by October General meeting
Storage space around property-Need to move all equipment used on field for events into shed
FTF-September 14th, Terri to get Dayna 2019 dates
Lacrosse-All apposed
Social Events (bingo, square dance, etc)

Events Committee/Event Producer contract position
Partnership with Topanga Elementary-3 free non-fundraiser events for the year
Brian Hutchinson putting together proposal for Toy Drive
Emergency Preparedness meeting to be held at TCC, will waive house fee, only pay expenses
BYLAW-Annual dues will be $50 for couples as defined by 2 people living in the same household-Nonie second all in favor-Andy Monn, Nonie second, all in favor
BYLAW-Meetings that count toward voting eligibility need to be held on TCC grounds-Karla Morrison, Kelly Rockwell second-all in favor

VIII. GOOD OF THE ORDER this is a time for members not listed on the agenda to make comments or observations

IX. ADJOURN-9:45 Kelly Rockwell, Karla Second

X. Attendees
Board-Rick Provisor, Franka Diehnelt, Terri Moriarty, Andy Monn, Nonie Shore, Kelly Rockwell, David Stickel

Lisa Brown, Shannon Thomas, Dayna Miller, Karla Morrison, Carolyn Day

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