The TCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, independently owned and maintained by the citizens of Topanga.

Minutes from the 2.8.18 General Meeting

2.8.2018 7 PM TCC Community House
Meeting called by Kelly Rockwell
Type of meeting TCC General Meeting
Facilitator Kelly Rockwell
Note taker Andy Monn
Timekeeper Andy Monn
TCC Board
President Kelly Rockwell X
VP Membership Bonnie Morgan
VP Fundraising Nonie Shore X
VP Facilities Rick Provisor X
Treasurer Franka Diehnelt
Corresponding Secretary Terri Moriarty X
Recording Secretary Andy Monn X
Members Lisa Bilac, Jerry Simer, Amit Gilad, Brooks Ellis, Braeden Sumner, Karen Cooke, Dayna Miller, Neil Shaw
Meeting started 7:06PM Kelly Rockwell
Meeting ended 9:06 PM Kelly Rockwell Andy Monn second
Reading and Approval of Minutes from January General Meeting Officer Reports Board Discussion/Old Business Introduction of New Business Adjourn
1. Reading and Approval of Minutes from January General Meeting
7:07pm Andy Monn Minutes approved, All in favor
         2. Officer Reports
Reports by
Kelly Rockwell (President) -12’x12’ shed has been donated for new children’s garden -Need to collect bids for asphalt
Rick Provisor (VP Facilities) -Water line is in, need to fill in trench more -Need to finish emptying green shed -May have found a space for ½ court, need to confirm location
Nonie Shore (VP Fundraising) -Bingo awaiting approval -Disco Feb 24th -Square dance attendance down, but well received by those who attended
Bonnie Morgan (VP Membership) -Not Present
Franka Diehnelt (Treasurer) -All accounts in good standing -Checking- $96,067.53 -Savings- $105,403.87 -Chic- $72,397.06
Corresponding Secretary (Terri Moriarty) -Working on non-profit booth rules
Andy Monn (Recording Secretary) -Nothing to present
3.  Guests
Tony Savage-Discussed moving Farmers Market to another day, explained the barriers to such a move.
4. Board Discussion/Old Business
Sports -Working towards starting soccer in March-awaiting parent coach decision-will know more soon -Baseball will begin in March, Thursdays from 5-6 -Gymnastics trial day to be Tuesday February 13th Senior Funding -Need to figure out which software to use for accounting and fund raising -A letter to community for donation requests to be sent out soon Topanga Days -Local Non-profits get free space, must pay for tickets -Boy Scouts- 4 adult wrist bands per day-Board members to attend Boy Scout meeting to discuss -Local Artists free booth space-request 10% of sales donation to Senior Classroom, must purchase their own tickets. Portfolios need to be sent in by March 23rd for consideration of 6-10 spots -Amercan Music and Sound putting together costs, should have total soon Projects on Property -Empty and remove green shed -Confirm location of all Children’s Garden pieces and clear all brush -Finalize sports court location and get quotes -Tear up asphalt -Finish wood work in house -remove old water tank
5.  Introduction of New Business
Drinking Fountains -Would like to improve our offerings or at least fix what we have -Need to evaluate fountain models to see what is needed as far as plumbing Skate Park -Awaiting insurance update
6.  Announcements of Upcoming Events, General Membership Announcements
Move The World Teen Ball February10thDisco February 24th Topanga Symphony March 4th Easter Egg hunt-March 31st
7. Adjourn
Adjourn 9:00pm Kelly Adjourned, second by Andy all in favor
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