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7:00 – 10:00 AM
9:00 – 1:00 PM
12:00 – 3:00 PM
2:00 – 5:00 PM


TCC Swap Meet, Chili Cook Off & Pie Contest

Just about anything goes: vintage, yard sale, garage sale, upcycled, recycled, new, handmade, imported,… Your 10 x 10 space is your personal canvas for the day. Clean out the garage or attic, get all the kids’ clothing that don’t fit, dust off the bikes that are no longer ridden, the yard tools you don’t need anymore, and get ready to make some money! Click here for Vendor Information. To keep you entertained, we’ll be featuring local Topanga bands.

For the chefs and bakers in the canyon, bragging rights are up for grabs in our Chili Cook-off and Pie Contest.  Chili rules are available here and Pie rules are available here. Otherwise, the guidelines and timeline will be sent to you once you’re on our participant mailing list.

Don’t have anything to sell, that’s okay too. Just come by to shop and taste how Topanga makes chili, bakes pies and dances to live music. Food Trucks will also be standing by.


Swap Meet Gallery

Vendor Information - Please Read All of This Document

Load-in will start by 7am ON SATURDAY, 1/25 ONLY.  Please DO NOT arrive on Friday, you will not be able to unload. We are sorry about the inconvenience.

Cars will be directed to unload on the ball field in the order they arrive so that we can fit everyone in before the event starts. Booths will be assigned starting from the MAIN STAGE AREA and working back toward the main TCC driveway (the field entrance gate).

If you would like to have a space away from the stage, come on the later side, closer to 8 am.

If you would like to have a space next to a friend, we can only guarantee you can be next to each other if you arrive together.

If you need help to unload your goods or you think it will take longer than 10-15 minutes, we recommend you bring a friend to help you.

Please be patient if you are stuck in line up the driveway. Our volunteers can only get the line to move as fast as the vendors ahead of you.

Please arrive before 8:30am to unload!

All vehicles must be unloaded & moved by 8:45 am and be patient, there will be a lot of people coming in and we have limited space to work with.

Vendors will have a 10 x 10 space, give or take a few feet. If you need more than 12 x 12, PLEASE PURCHASE TWO SPACES. This is for a good cause. We’re all neighborly but your neighbors won’t be happy if you take up too much room.

You must provide all tables and chairs, clothing racks, etc and pop up shade structure if needed / desired. Sorry, TCC can only supply tables for chili makers.

Pie Contest Rules

  1. All pies must be brought to the pie booth near the MAIN STAGE at the Topanga Community House ball field before the HIGH NOON cut-off time. LATE PIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AS VALID ENTRIES. PLAN ACCORDINGLY! THERE WILL BE TRAFFIC. PARKING WILL BE DIFFICULT. COME EARLY TO BE SURE YOUR PIE MAKES THE CUT.
  2. IMPORTANT:Provide a 3 x 5 card or sheet of paper with your name, phone number, type of pie, and list of ingredients. Pies without these important details will be disqualified from competition.It helps to also put your name and contact number on the bottom of your pie pan if you’d like to get your pie pan back.
  3. Entry is $5 so that we can raise some funds for our great programs and give our winners some sweet ribbons. Once you enter, the pie is property of the TCC. We will be selling pies by the slice.
  4. Each pie must be made from scratch and based in a pie pan 9’’ or 10’’ in diameter.
  5. Contestants may enter one pie in each category. No team entries (no more than one baker per pie)
  6. Bakers may pick up their pie dishes at the pie booth after 2:30pm. PLEASE put your name on the bottom of your pie dish!

Pie Categories Are:

  • Apple
  • Non-Apple
  • Youth Pie (for contestants 13 years old & under)

Judging Criteria:

  • Appearance
  • Creativity
  • Crust & Filling
  • Overall Flavor

NOTE: Dessert pies, single or double crusted, are all eligible entries. Please do not bring us a cake or casserole and call it a pie. Do not bring a quiche and call it a pie. Everyone will enjoy it, but it will not win you glory. You’re working hard on your pie. Make sure it’s a pie. Our judges will determine if your “pie” is eligible, but play it safe and make a real pie!

Pies will be on display prior to judging, which will begin at 12:15 or once all the entries are logged. If your pie needs to be refrigerated before judging, please plan accordingly and provide a cooler or ice bath for your pie. Our pie handlers will help you make the best presentation possible!
If you have questions, please email us.

Chili Cook-off Rules

We are happy to announce we are accommodating 16 entries for chili this year. Once we have 16 entrants, we will be full! TCC will supply a single table and table cover for all participants. Let us know ahead of time (by Wednesday, Jan 22) if you need electricity.

  1. No ingredient may be pre-cooked prior to the start of the cook-off. All other ingredients may only be chopped ahead of time. The exceptions are: canned or bottled tomatoes, tomato sauce, peppers, pepper sauce, beverages, broth and grinding and/or mixing of spices. Meat may be treated, pre-cut or ground. MEAT MAY NOT BE PRE-COOKED in any manner.
  2. The prep and cooking period begins at the opening of the event at 9:00 am and no later than 10:30 am. Judging will begin at noon. Winners will be announced at the end of the live judging period. This is typically around 1:00 pm.
  3. A TCC representative will check in each chef.
  4. Contestants may enter as an individual or up to 4 people per team. Team spirit is encouraged!
  5. Contestants are responsible for supplying all of their own cooking utensils, bowls, cooking stove, fuel, serving utensils etc and should be prepared to provide spoons and bowls if they will distribute their chili to Swap Meet patrons.
  6. Each contestant must cook a minimum of 1 quart of competition chili prepared in one pot, of which a portion will be submitted for judging. Sharing or splitting chili for judging with another contestant for the purpose of increasing the number of entries in any event will result in suspension.
  7. Each entry will be assigned a contestant’s number by the Chief Scorekeeper and given at least one official judging cup or bowl. In order for a cook to receive their judging cup(s) for their specific contest, they must sign the contestant list by 10:00 am. Each contestant is responsible for delivering their bowl/cup to the judging area at the official time for judging.

Chili Categories Are:

  • Traditional Meat Chili – Meat chili, cooked with various spices and other ingredients of the chef’s choice.
  • Veggie Chili – Any combination of vegetables, tempeh, tofu or other meat alternative, various spices and other ingredients. This may also be raw or vegan.
  • Overall Champion – We will crown a champion at the end of the judging for the best chili of any category.

Judging Criteria:

  • Good chili flavor
  • Texture of meat or veggies
  • Consistency
  • Blend of spices,
  • Aroma and color

Reminder: This is all for fun! Enjoy yourself!!

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