Fall 2021 Giving challenge

Our Fall 2021 Giving Challenge has officially begun and ends on Giving Tuesday, November 30th. Be one of the trailblazers in Topanga and DONATE TODAY (see below)! Pool your friends and see how much you can raise together! Because a Community like ours supports its center!

Topanga prides itself on being an independent, free minded place, where we take care of our own, which includes our Topanga Community Center, a 501c3. That is why the TCC is not county-run and why (when there is not a pandemic) the TCC gets to have events the way the community wants. The TCC is a unique community space, run by a volunteer board, that is tasked with maintaining and enhancing its 11 acres of private property for the community. We do this so that we can offer low-cost classes to all ages, offer a a space for events, meetings & programs and rentals, have dinners for our Canyon Sages, and have a nurturing place for our Topanga Youth Services and so much more…

But we cannot do this alone; that is why we need our community’s support throughout the year by becoming a member and contributing to special fundraising events. Whether you are utilizing the TCC grounds right now or not, please know that your financial buy-in to the TCC, no matter how small, adds up and makes a difference!

So get your friends together to help support this special community center and please share this plea.

If we can meet our goal of $25,000 by 11/30/21, we will host a special event open to those friends who supported the TCC during this month.

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